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IDEAS Activities for Horse Camp

Name tags to learn each child name?

Musical Dressage (i.e. musical chairs on horses no using reins to stop must use seat)

What am I Game (i.e. tape the word saddle to the campers head the camper must guess and get clues from other campers what it is)

Get some horse magazines, glue sticks, and scissors and let them cut out pictures of horses and glue them on a page.

Face painting (we know someone who does thins not sure how much they charge.)

Have 2 people ride next to each other holding Crete paper trying to break create paper

Beading bracelets with their names or horse names or string beads

Paint horse shoes

Print out picture of a horse and cut out part names of the horse who ever matches the most parts with horse wins a prize.

Have camper ride with a feather under their butt who ever can keep the feather the longest wins

We can paint bandanas they are .97 cents each at Wal-Mart

Teach mane & Tail braiding

Tie dye shirts plain shirts cost 3.47 Wal-Mart or have shirts for camp printed out just to get your name out there

Little foam farm kits at Wal-Mart 4.97 each have over 1000 piece in each good for art

We have a fake bull head we just need rope and can practice raping the head.

Have them hold a potato on a spoon and drop into cup

Paint old horseshoes (ask your farrier to collect them for you

 Find or make an outline drawing of a horse wearing a blanket, photo copy, and let them design a blanket

Make jumps out of Popsicle sticks paint them

A hit at our camp is something we call "Horse Hunt." We made little clues for each horse. For example, we have a horse named Spud at our camp....his clue is "Mr. Potato head had a son named after me" -- It's not a craft, but the kids really like it :-)

Making horse treats get all ingredients have kids mix it up then put on baking sheet then already have some prepared like magic its already baked.

Making stalls for little plastic horses using shoeboxes, shavings and smartpak containers for water/grain.

Scary idea? (Let them make horse hair bracelets with tail hair from their favorite horse.)

Talk about colors and maybe a little bit about breeds....basic things like "draft types" "riding types" and "ponies" and not too many different kinds. Having Breyer horses as props would be awesome. I'd also think about having something they can color in, or put stickers on (you can probably find a lot of different types of horse stickers) when talking about colors would be helpful.

Stake out a dressage arena and show them the moves. Fringe benefit: they will be nice and quiet in the evening.

have them paint bottle caps, glue pins to the back.(Or magnets.) You could also have them decoupage pictures on them

Draw the profile of a horse head with the top of the neck YOU CAN USE PAPERPLATES and cut out one for each kid.

Take the horse heads, glue, googly eyes, lots of markers, various colors of yarn and some ribbons/hair rubber bands. After you've talked about horse colors (or whatever) have them color their horse heads, glue on eyes (one on each side), and glue pieces of yarn along the "crest" of the horse head. You can then teach them to braid the mane...taking sections of crest and braiding it down, tying it off, even wrapping it up like a hunter/dressage braid.

If you want them active, have a Kentucky Derby race where each kid wears a different number (pinney)....or set up small jumps and let them jump....or a dressage arena and give them a "test" to run/walk/trot, etc.

Mounted ideas are easy (I love torturing children!), but I'm not feeling too inspired on unmounted lessons this year. Last summer, mini lessons on types of bits, mane pulling, wrapping legs, and parts of the horse. That one was fun because they had to study all week and their "test" involved getting to paint on the horse... which quickly descended into amazingly fun chaos they'll never forget

Mini lessons on types of bits, mane pulling, wrapping legs, and parts of the horse. That one was fun because they had to study all week and their "test" involved getting to paint on the horse... which quickly descended into amazingly fun chaos they'll never forget

Take apart a bridle and have each kid put it back together or let them help each other.

You could have them do "build a show kit" if they are showing and may need to do that anyway (they could label brushes/spray bottles and so on with tape and/or glitter pain in their own colors). This could actually be done for a lot of their tack and equipment and can be fun as well as keeping things organized at the barn

Cut up little pieces of wood have them paint their name or their favorite horse name on the wood. Have home depot cut some for you.

Play "fox and hound" - pair kids up, assign one pair to be fox and hound. Hound chases fox until fox sits down with another pair then person on other side of that pair becomes the hound, and the old hound becomes the fox. There are probably clearer rules if you google it, but it's a great game if you need to tire them out!

 Hold a conformation clinic. Maybe go over some materials/learning points one day (I'm sure you can find plenty of things related to conformation online for free) and then let them show what they've learned the next day using the horses.

 Grooming contest. Assign teams (maybe 3-4 kids per team?), equip them each with a set of brushes/grooming tools, a few dirty horses, and give them a certain amount of time (5-10 minutes). You can judge each team after the time is up and award small prizes.

Mounted games always seem to be a hit. Pick ones that are easy and safe to do, like sit-a-buck, carrot racing, Simon says, etc. If you are in an area where you can do this and you have suitable horses, try a long trail ride with a picnic lunch break. Let them set up a course of small jumps or ground rails for themselves and teach them about making turns on course, spacing jumps, and different kinds of jumps.

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